Friday, August 1, 2008

Coloring Fun

I think I have mentioned before how much Holly loves a good art project, right? Well, this includes coloring... she loves a good color book, fresh new crayons and room to spread out. The other day we were coloring and she didn't have enough space - so she packed up and moved down to the floor to 'really color' she said. As if we were not already 'really coloring'? Oh well!

I have this passion for new, fresh, sharp Crayola crayons. I will share, but deep down I don't want to! Crayons for some reason are so personal. The way one colors alters a crayon and it's use - like if you color on it's side you make it too pointy or if you color blunt like it dulls your crayons. There is a tender technique to coloring where you rotate your crayons and keep an even point... this is my favorite way. Hence, my hesitation to share. Ha! In fact I'll share my little secret... I have my *own* box of crayons and Holly has her own. Bad, I know!
Well, I have obviously started to rub off on Holly. She informed me the other day on her rules of coloring and that *I was doing it wrong*. I had borrowed a crayon quickly from her box to write something and she told me I was ruining her crayon. Bad, bad, bad -- I know! I guess it is time for me to let it all go and just learn to color with dull & pointy crayons - before I ruin her!
Wish me luck! :)


Linda said...

Oh how funny! I'm the same way with crayons! LOL.... You've got a cutie.

glitzen said...

Haha, I love how you describe your special way of coloring. Makes me want to go buy myself a new box!