Thursday, February 26, 2009

Seattle Children's Museum

Today we spent the morning and afternoon exploring the Seattle Children's Museum. The main exhibit right now it Curious George, which was wonderful! They did a really nice job setting up the typical experience Curious George would encounter sans the mischief he often is into. Holly also enjoyed the workshop area building with big boards, bolts & nuts, the Metro Market (mini grocery store), restaurant experience, the art area (we forgot our masterpieces though), the natural mountain, water table, the corners of the world and a storybook exhibit. She enjoyed the time with friends her age and had a nice day -- And, I had a nice time visiting with friends as well !

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Under The Weather

Well, our relatively healthy Holly has finally be beaten by a winter bug. She has been struggling with a fever and a bit of stuffiness. The past two days we have kept her pretty mellow with a lot of calm activity, aka books & movies. I think she has finally kicked her blahs now and we can resume our regularly scheduled programming. Tomorrow... the Seattle Children's Museum to take in some Curious George! Yahoo!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dancin' About

Holly's new thing is to have us turn up the stereo and move the coffee table for a free dance session in the living room. She likes to get out her musical instruments, streamers and tutu's for this and she rocks out completely - having a full on blast! We have recorded it but I am still learning a bit about our camera - hopefully soon enough I'll have it down and be able to post some video of her. It is fun, free and spirited dance... Bryan refers to it as "Elaine Dancing" from Sienfeld. LOL! These are not the best photos - but, it was hard to get some in the dark with her moving about so quickly! Enjoy!

Olympia Children's Museum

Olympia has a wonderful Children's Museum - Holly's favorite. Saturday we took her down to enjoy a fun afternoon of playing and exploration after we had a family lunch at McDonalds (classic kids day), she had a great time! We all enjoyed a nice family day together - the best part! This is a great exploration museum with several different kinds of play - these photos below that I chose to share are from the market, garden area, vet center and in the building section a wall that you can press your body into. You can see her little hands, pressing her face in and the results! Fun stuff!

Art Museum

We have been pretty busy these past few days, hence the low posting here. The sun has been shining and we have been out and about enjoying life! Last week we met with some friends to enjoy the Tacoma Art Museum - we viewed the gallery and then headed to their in house art studio for some artistic exploration. Holly really enjoyed this part and made some great projects which are grandly displayed on our dining room wall.

The weather was so nice that day. We ate lunch outside and walked over to the bridge of glass to view the art work or the trains and traffic - whatever inspired us. It was a fun day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In-house Bowling

Holly has a bowling set that we use indoors on a regular basis. We usually set her up with a 'lane' to play in - often our hallway. However, today Daddy set her up with a lane in the living room. Grandpa Tex was over and he played a game with Holly. Not sure if any one person won, but they both had fun... that's what counts!

Scooting About

Santa surprised Holly with a scooter this past Christmas. She has fiddled with it around our cement drive, but nothing long haul. The couple times we headed out to take her on a longer ride things just didn't work out. So, yesterday we finally took advantage of a crisp sunny winter day and hit the trail. Holly brought her scooter along and endured some training from Daddy on how to use her scooter without tiring her legs too much. So many rules for a scooter - who knew? But, that is how Bryan is. Me... well I would probably just play and have fun and not be too concerned with the 'proper' way. But, he is good for Holly that way and me too I guess, LOL! Anyhow, she had a nice time!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sweet Papa

Our little house has been busy with many Valentine crafts and activities. Holly has really gotten into the spirit. We have enjoyed exchanging valentines with our playgroup and our preschool friends, we have mailed some to our Grandparents and we have crafted our little heart out! Tomorrow we will enjoy a festive celebration with some of our Mom's Club friends too. Then comes the final day - Valentines. While I had some ideas of what to get Holly I had not shopped yet. I figured I would do it tonight while alone or on Friday.

Well, Bryan beat me to it!!! He came in last night after Holly was down with a balloon and a bag of goodies for her. He was cute and said "I am not sure if you already did anything for her, but I did. I hope that is okay?" How sweet is that!!! He picked perfect stuff for her too ~ a really cute classic pink teddy bear, a Starbucks cup covered in hearts and a couple of candies! I did have a small heart basket and a jingle bell necklace for her - so, it made the perfect kids gift basket with a balloon on it. We have it tucked away for Saturday -- but, in the mean time I am all a flutter with how sweet it was for Bryan to think of it and take care of it. What a sweet papa!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Catching Snowflakes

Winter is still here!!! This afternoon Holly played outside in the falling snow catching snowflakes. She had a really nice time and is now settled in with a warm cup of cocoa. The joys of childhood!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Home Depot Workshop

This weekend we took Holly to a Home Depot Kids Workshop and she had a great time! She built a little serving tray all by herself, well Grandpa Hawk helped read the directions and hold stuff in place - but, Holly did all the hammering and such herself! She had a nice time and looked pretty cute in her little apron. What do you think Grandma Linda... could she work there? :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Heart Art

Yesterday we spent a lot of time doing various art projects, but one of Holly's favorite pieces was her crayon heart. She chose a few Valentine colors of crayon, peeled the labels off and started sharpening them up. Then she dumped all the crayon shavings onto to a sheet of wax paper. We then placed another piece of wax paper on top and I ironed them together (using a towel to protect the iron). Holly then proceeded to cut our some beautiful hearts from her new colorful paper. They are cute and she worked hard on this project!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Soccer Season

Today Holly started soccer again after a small winter/holiday break. She was very excited, not only to be starting soccer but to be playing with her best buddy. She did a great job of listening, playing and most of all having a fun time! The weather was simply amazing today for her first session. Let's hope for sun each week!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No, Don't Take My Picture!

That pretty much sums up Holly's desire when my camera comes out... makes me so sad!!! However, we talked and I have a whole new approach - I am now going to stock my camera bag with a small stash of M&M's and we are going to barter for photos. Her idea, not mine. Smart kid!

Here are some photos of her avoiding my camera - completely.

Wait, is that your camera?

Oh Yeah, well you'll have to catch me then!

Ha, Ha - I'll hide behind Daddy!

Still can't catch me!

Silly girl...

M&M's huh? Okay, this will cost you one M&M!

Okay, that is one more M&M.

I saw that... that will be one more M&M Mom! No joke :)