Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekend Fun

We spent the weekend over at Anderson Island to visit with Grandpa Hawk, take in the serene slowed down life it the island has to offer, enjoy some local sites and play in the water. Saturday afternoon we headed over to the island farm to explore. While there Holly enjoyed a grass maze, which was perfect height for her to venture out into and have some fun. We checked out a bunch of old farm buildings and rusty ol' equipment, took a small nature trail to see the few ponds on the property and checked out the chickens and gardens. Sunday morning we started out morning out at the island fire station pancake breakfast. This is a nice little community event with pretty good pancakes, you get to eat breakfast inside the fire station, see all the cool equipment, meet fire men, and best of all - personalized tours of the fire engines.... can't beat that! Only in a small town!
Holly also spent a long time out enjoying her new sprinkler toy. The sun was just warm enough to truly enjoy some early season water play. The afternoon was filled with Daddy, Grandpa Hawk and me attempting to get Holly wet... not sure who won that one. But we all had a nice time and I picked up some great shots of Holly enjoying the water.
The weekend was finished with a special dessert and drink down at the restaurant and some quick fishing on the dock! A wonderful, fun filled weekend 'for sure, for sure'!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eagle Island

Sunday Bryan and I enjoyed a bit of 'us' time and hit the water in our kayaks to head over to Eagle Island, while Holly and Grandpa Hawk stayed back on the beach to explore, fish, build sand castles and just hang out. The weather was amazing and the tides were low making for great sea life, a reef filled with seals galore and an easy trip. It was a nice morning trip, one we'll do again soon.

Bryan did a good job of planning out the tides for our trip, taking the easiest direction. It was pretty exciting to see the reef filled with seals. We had read about it, but seeing it was just spectacular. We kept our distance as required, hence why I don't have any great shots... that and I don't take my nice camera in the boats just our old point and shoot. But it was cool. You could hear the barks and growls fill the air, the splash as they embarked into the water and the gurgles of their tales as they dipped back under from a close visit. The seals follow you every where.

At first it is neat, then you start to realize there are tons of them around you. They pop out of the water just a bit closer and closer until you feel a bit creeped out ~ at least I did, Bryan not so much. At one point I think we had upwards of about 30 of them checking us out with more approaching. I think I got nervous once I saw a couple of them fighting in the water, there full bodies were out of water in mid air causing a stir, growling, barking and spashing like crazy. They are not small that is for sure. Cuter than anything, but not small. I still enjoyed their company though, made the trip all that more wonderful!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

On the Farm

Today we visited Old McDebbie's Farm and Jim's Ufish pond with some friends. Holly had a great time! We started our morning out with an up close visit of some various farm animals, feeding them and petting them. Holly was in love with the baby goats... well, so was I! (Bryan, can we get one? Pleeaase! I kid, I kid!) One goat even ventured out of his pen and helped himself to the food dispenser, it was hilarious. Holly put in her quarter, the food came out and just as she was getting it into her hand up pops a goat and he begins to slurp it all up.
After the animals we did their little eye-spy trail which was fun for the kids. Each child had their own little card with everything they were to find, it became a challenge as to who could find the items first. For us moms though, it became a muddy mess. I suppose we should have all been alerted when the name of the trail was 'Mucky Moose', but no... we paid no mind. Well, let me just share - it was mucky, very mucky! And, since the weather is sunny and 70 most of us were in sandals or flip flops... not a good combination for the Mucky Moose trail. *sigh* Yes, my flip flop became stuck in the muck - very similar to the children's book 'Stuck Duck'. My mucked flip flop stayed behind as the rest of me continued... offering up one mucky foot. Thanks for rescuing the lone flip flop Jennifer!
Anyhow, after our trail and lunch the kids were off to enjoy a few laps of pony rides. The owners are wonderful. They let you take the ponies at your own will, guide them around with your child and just take your time. Holly really enjoyed the pony ride - it made her day she said!
Our day was finished with some preschoolers fishing... I am sure this puts a great image in your head. Pretty much how you imagined it to be, is how it was. Lot's of hurrying, scurrying, squeals, 'I can do it', 'Ick', netting, almost falling in, netting again, oops a wet foot now... the list goes on. It was fun though, a great memory for the adults at least! Holly caught a trout, reeled it in and refused to touch it. I coached her to just try it once, that was enough. She did great though and had fun! She even helped net her friends fish for her. Holly carried her bucket proudly to the cleaning station after her and friend compared fish... we now have a trout in the fridge. We'll how she likes it for dinner.
Over all... a very fun day!

We Have Frog Legs

In Holly's little exploration garden we have put in a small frog bog. Just a mucky like little pond with water plants, dirt, rocks, snails, tadpoles, sticks, grasses, etc. In essence we are trying to replicate a small natural pond that frogs are attracted to.... and kids are attracted to as well! The little critters are doing well and seems very happy in their new home. We check them out daily to make sure they are good, feed them some boiled down bits of lettuce once in a blue moon to ensure they are eating, take count of how many critters we have and look for snail trails. It is a fun daily stop during our day.

Well, yesterday we spotted a tadpole who has already developed their back legs! We have frog legs! Holly was beyond excited and thrilled that her little critters are growing and changing. We are all excited! We will be really keeping an eye on them now to see how they all change, grow and pick their new homes. I am beyond thrilled we decided to include this little frog bog in her garden as it has been such a treat and a wonderful educational opportunity for us all!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Elmo's Green Thumb

Last night we surprised Holly with tickets to see a Sesame Street Live show, Elmo's Green Thumb. The show was simply amazing! The set was incredibly colorful, happy and vibrant. The performance was upbeat, exciting and magical. Holly really was in awe of the whole thing especially with the magical skills of Abby Cadabby, the little fairy in training (who is super cute).

In her words today, "That Sesame Street movie was the best thing I have ever seen!". Can't beat that! I hope this is the beginning of a life long love for theatre... and how can that not happen with Elmo kicking it off, right?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sparkly Ears

Tonight Holly had her ears pierced!!! They are darling. She did such a great job, was very relaxed, shed no tears, barely flinched and just needed a good hug for a moment. Once she saw them in the mirror she was golden with a smile!

She was excited because she had them pierced with her cousins, Kristina and Sarah - which made her feel like a big girl. Holly really enjoyed browsing the earring store, has already seen many cute earrings for future purchases and can't stop talking about it now. We cleaned them together tonight and she is being oh so careful with them.
Such a big girl!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Family Walk

Yesterday afternoon we headed out for a nice family walk on a latter portion of the Orting Trail. Holly has become very skilled on her bike in recent weeks, so we loaded her bike up and she went for a bike ride. She did so good, hit the hills like they were not much of anything and practiced her braking skills coming back down them.

Along the way we hit a patch of small daisies scattered in the grass. She jumped off and enjoyed them, picked me a big hand full for Mother's Day and ran through the flowers. It was a lot of fun!

And, who can pass up a nice stroll holding your husband's hand.... so sweet!