Thursday, May 7, 2009

Creative Gal

Art is huge in our house. Messes are okay with art. In fact, often the messier the better. We make at least one art project almost every day... sometimes more. Last week on a sunny afternoon we read a dandelion book and then picked a huge bouquet of dandelions and used them as stampers with yellow paint and created a fun flower project. We also made a rainbow and puffy cloud after an afternoon rainbow was spotted out of our living room window over the hillside. And, a final project we did was a paper ladybug after a long discussion about ladybugs in the garden... which we plan to do a large lady bug release at her birthday party this weekend. Basically we use our everyday moments as inspiration for a fun reason to become artistic and messy! I love these memories!

This one was from our preschool meet up, but I love it!

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