Friday, October 5, 2007

The Wonder of Blogging....

Hmmm, the wonder of a blog! I have always been curious as to why one blogs... what's the point? I have finally realized that maybe the reason I haven't bothered to blog is because I am private that way. I am not comfortable putting things out there that one might find to revealing of my life. Nothing to hide of course, I guess it just seems odd that some live by blogging -when I live by being more on the private side.

Lately I have checked out some blogs of folks I know. I am surprised as to just how revealing they are. I feel like I almost don't even know the person after reading a blog... which brings me here. I am wondering if I will be able to blog and still be who I am. Not use it as a venting tool, as a journal meant for the privacy of your own home - but, a tool to reach out to family I don't see often enough. An insight to what life might be like for me and my family on a daily basis. But, most of all - to see if I will still be 'Liberty' when all is said & typed. Wish me luck!