Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby Tigers

Wednesday afternoon the kids and I headed out to the Point Defiance Zoo with Sue, Kristina, Sarah and Poncho. We had a really nice time!

The highlight of our zoo trip were the new baby tigers, just weeks old. They were darling!!! They were all snuggled up under this bit of shade and mom was in the corner shaded as well on some hay - the sun was warming up by that point (and I am sure she is exhausted!). The papa tiger was in a different exhibit and he was up and about - made for some really good photos of him.

Holly & Sarah also rode the camel they have at the zoo. I am not sure what the girls thought of it while there (although they are smiling in the photos), however later on Holly told me she really liked it and hopes to do it again someday.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Little Guy

Hudson is almost six months old... crazy! Now that he is a bit older and hitting that little mile stone mark we are learning so many new things - he rolls like crazy, scooches about on his tummy, is really working on sitting, talks all the time, is trying so many new foods and is beginning to try out a sippy cup.

About once a day I put a little something in it for him to practice with. Right now it is more about holding it and getting it to the right area, his mouth! Unfortunately he gets really excited when it happens, starts smiling and it falls back out. But he is so happy about it. Being a happy boy is a great thing!!! As for the sippy cup, no hurry - we're taking our time.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Children's Garden

Saturday we met friends over at the Washington State University's Master Gardener children's activity in town. The kids learned about worms and made a mini worm bin to take home and create a larger worm bin with. The best part for Holly though was the time they get to explore in the children's garden.

This garden is darling, perfect for kids of all ages to explore and see what grows in a garden. They have it designed in a very whimsical way with areas to play, paths to explore, a frog bog, hand pumped water to water the garden with and more! Really a child could spend a very long time here, learn a lot and truly enjoy exploring the way a child was meant to explore.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bowling Fun

This summer I have Holly signed up for a kids bowl free program and we have finally got out to enjoy it with some friends. Last year we signed up but never actually made it out to use it because we ended up being so busy with outdoor activities.

I am sure we'll sneak out for a few more bowling sessions soon because Holly really enjoyed herself! I think she had more gutter balls than anything, but this was due to the fact she refused to use a light enough ball. She was trying to use an eight pound ball, her friends were using a six pounder. Finally Holly agreed to try the ball out and she was surprised that she finally started knocking more pins over. So, she agreed to continue using this ball... however she was already in frame seven so her score was something like 39 by the time she was done.

She had a great time!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Leavenworth: Part Seven

The final post. Fossils!

Bryan and Don took an extremely rutted out forest service road in Don's truck and headed up to an area we heard might have some fossils. They found the spot and collected a few to bring home for all of us. Those along with the other rocks we collected earlier in the day made for a very fun evening of cracking rocks and exploring fossils.
After a nice dinner we all piled outside and checked out what was collected with our fossil book, magnifying glasses and tools. It was a lot of fun trying to see what was found, finding more within the rocks and seeing just how hard it was to try and crack rocks. Everybody had a great time with this activity!!!