Monday, July 19, 2010

Leavenworth: Part One

This past week we have been up in Leavenworth, enjoying an amazing time in the sunshine! Whenever we go to Leavenworth (which is usually a couple times a year) we find that we cannot fit it all in, there are so many fun and wonderful things to do and enjoy in the area. We have a list of ideas we'd like to eventually do which means... more trips in store for us to Leavenworth.

In the mean time, it was a great weekend!

We enjoyed time in town doing a bit of the touristy thing, but really very little of that - more so we had fun doing various walks, nature hikes, the salmon hatchery, time at the river playing, a couple of drives to see the beautiful scenery and fun off of a forest service road in search of special rocks and animals. We packed in a lot of fun stuff and still had a mellow time!

On this post I am going to put up a general assortment of photos from the weekend... and then I'll write more in detail on the adventures we had!

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