Thursday, June 30, 2011

Silver Springs

Last weekend we joined friends for year three of camping at Silver Springs. This is a nice little campground that is pretty close to home - making it an easy weekend destination. We have come to realize it is not fun to travel Friday night, enjoy Saturday and head home Sunday - so little time to really get down and dirty for camping! Well, the dirty part -- with kids, that is a no brainer!

We had four families camp and some friends come up for a day trip - making it a great time! It is always lovely to have a lot of folks along for visiting, tons of kids for play and laughter, change of activities and game play <-- that used to happen before Hudson. Hudson, sweet Hudson. He is one very active little boy. Hudson probably roamed several miles this past weekend with no real destination or purpose, except to roam. Fortunately I had friends to roam with us and keep me company. They also gave us some breaks and roamed aimlessly with Hudson! Thanks guys!

Anyhow, on to the photos from our weekend!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Garden

We have expanded our little garden a bit this year... and I can see it will happen again next year! This year has been great for the garden, unlike last year where everything was already rotting from too much moisture and cool temps. While it seems cool it has not been to wet and we have experienced some good chunks of sunshine in between the rain, all things a garden loves!

We have been enjoying spinach from our garden already and this weekend we harvested our first round of radishes - they are yummy! We pulled some and we'll pull more later this week - then it will be time to replant for another enjoyment of radishes. I let Holly harvest the radishes and she loved it. I also took a peek about the garden with her to see how it is growing... we found mini broccoli, sunflowers growing strong, beans all sprouted, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes in bloom, strong pumpkin & zucchini plants (which I usually do horrible with, keeping hope). Things are looking fantastic and this has been a lot of fun to do with Holly this year, more so than last as she is really getting into gardening and enjoys eating what she grows!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anderson Island Beach

Last weekend we enjoyed a visit with Grandpa Hawk before the summer swings into full gear of camping trips, outings and vacations making it more difficult to enjoy a full weekend on the island. One fun destination we always enjoy is the beach with views of Ketron Island and Steilacoom... and when the clouds are parted Mount Rainier. It is a nice, quiet little beach!

This evening the kids enjoyed sand play, the discovery of thousands upon thousands of small snails along the shore line, daisies and more!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Family Time @ The Beach

Holly & Hudson have their cousins in town for a little while because they are already on summer break from school. So, today we joined them at the beach with the grandparents and a great aunt - the weather was wonderful, the kids played hard and it was nice to visit! The kids all had a great time building in the sand, seeking treasures, playing in the water, seal spotting and having a plain ol' good time. That is what summer vacation is for after all, right?