Friday, October 30, 2009

Her Best Bud

Just a cute one...

Oregon Trip

We went to visit Aunt Margie this month in Oregon. It was a really nice visit with her, the drive was good and it all went too fast. While we were there we did some local shopping, visited a hand carved carousel that was beautiful, went to Chuck E Cheese and played at the park for a bit. Holly had a great time and cannot wait to visit again.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pregnancy Update

Thought I'd write a bit on the pregnancy... all is going really well! I am now 23 1/2 weeks along and in my sixth month. It has really flown by, and I mean really flown by.

I am a lot more tired this time around and I am sure it because our activity level is higher this time around, nothing more. All of my appointments have gone really well, the baby is growing well and I am feeling pretty good. For those wondering - no we are not finding out what we are having much to many people's dismay. But, we are excited to hear the announcement in the delivery room.

For the time being we had an ultra sound yesterday and saw the sweetness that lies within. The baby is now measuring one and a half pounds and doing good. I can feel some good little kicks now, a ton of movement and am learning the perkier parts of their day vs the quieter parts. Holly has had a lot of fun feeling for kicks, she is getting very excited for sure.

We are beginning to work on the babies room - prepping for some lighting work, touch ups and then a good paint job - then we can begin setting things up some. Our hope is to have a majority of the work done prior to the holidays so that we are just ready when the holidays simmer down... then we can just focus on the few little things and enjoying those final days with Holly before the new addition. When we start making some changes to the room I'll post some photos.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last night Holly & I spent some time together making chocolate chip cookies. Holly adores cooking and we do try to spend time each week together in the kitchen cooking or at least helping with food preparations. So, tonight was cookies - she had fun! The cookies turned out really good too... making for a perfect evening!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Your Taste Buds Change

Tonight while serving dinner I told Holly she still needed a bit of steak on her platter. While discussing it this is the conversation that occurred:

Holly: "I don't like steak anymore"
Me: "What do you mean? You used to love steak."
Holly: "No Mom, I don't like all that juice stuff that is on it."
Me: "When did that happen?"
Holly: "Mom, when I was a little kid I liked steak. You told me that when I get older my tastes change. Now I don't like steak."
Me: "Huh..." <---trying not to laugh
Holly: "Sorry Mom, that is just how life is."

The wisdom of a four year old!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch

Sunday we enjoyed a wonderful day at our local pumpkin patch, Maris Farms! The weather was sunny and cool - a perfect Fall day. We had Grandpa Hawk, Grandma Annette, Kristina and Sarah join us too.

Holly was beyond thrilled to get a start in the kids zone enjoying the corn pit. She loves the sea of corn to romp in, bury herself in and use the little scoops in. This year though it was dusty... really, really dusty. She came out completely covered in a film of white corn dust. Her black socks looked like a creamy color, her dark blue jeans were super light blue... it was kind of blech. But, she had fun and that is what counts, right?

Yes, those were black... as in *new* black socks. LOL!

We also enjoyed the water pump duck race, feeding the goats on the ramp, watching the little pig races, the bouncy pillow and the super slides. We even spent a good amount of time in the huge corn maze... but I think we made record time this year with Holly as our 'leader'. Honestly, she did a pretty good job.
And, we had to cap the day off with choosing the perfect pumpkin. A good day!