Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baby Dolls

Lately Holly has really taken to her baby dolls, hours of playing and pretending. I think her new fascination is the excitement of a new baby arriving in the house. She is always asking about the baby, talking about the baby and making her own plans for how things are going to be. It is pretty cute! But, with this has come the new obsession of her own baby dolls and caring for them. And, I think that is great!

Holly only had a couple baby clothes pieces and small diapers to use with them. Last night her Auntie Sue and cousin Sarah passed on some old doll clothes Sarah used to use when she was younger - so last night and this morning Holly has done nothing but play with her baby dolls. Dressing and undressing. It is nice, because her skills have really improved and she can do most of it on her own now. However, my favorite part is listening to her act our life with her baby dolls... so sweet.

Not Enough Time...

Last week was yet another full week - we returned from Leavenworth and had a full week of fun. We hosted our playgroup at a local spray ground park that is so fun for the kids. The weather was perfect, warm but not too hot and the kids had a blast. Holly also had a full week with swim lessons and ballet too - she is really enjoying these classes a lot. And, we had my family in town for the week. I wish we were able to visit more but with our prior engagements of classes a bit of morning sickness (all day lingering) and life... we were not able to visit as much as I would have liked.
However, we did enjoy a nice visit up to Seattle and met up at the Pikes Place Market. Holly thought that was pretty cool. She enjoyed all the vendors, people watching and the treats along the way.

Friday we met up and headed to Mount Rainier - that was fun! We took the full drive up to Paradise, stopped at Longmire and a stop or two along the way. The mountain was beautiful as usual - I find it so peaceful up there. The new visitors center is amazing - they did a really nice job!

We had a nice visit for the short time we were together... we'll miss you of course! Wish you'd move back home and then we'd get to see each other so much more!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Since Holly was born we have only visited Leavenworth in the winter for our annual holiday weekend away. We have had a blast each time and look forward to that trip each year. However, we realized that Holly has never seen Leavenworth in the Summer months. The beauty that region offers when not blanketed in a white mask. So, we headed up there for four days last weekend to celebrate Bryan's 37th birthday and enjoy a weekend away.

The weather was of course hot, very hot! We took in some sun and a lot of shade. Frequented the pools in town all weekend and stayed cool. The little local pool in town in really nice and perfect for families as it is not crowded at all - which we just found amazing! The KOA we stayed at also has a pool on site and we spent some time there. Holly really enjoyed the pool time.

We also hit town for a bit and enjoyed dinner in town. Drove around to see some the local scenery and also took a visit to the local fish hatchery. The fish hatchery in Leavenworth is the best one I have ever been to - very informative and family friendly. As well, this time of year the salmon are starting to return for spawning so we were able to see very large salmon in the holding areas who worked the way back from the ocean ready for the last phase of their lives. It was amazing to witness that life cycle and Holly seemed to get it by the time we were done.

We took a one mile valley walk to take in some local nature. It was nice, however my only fear was the massive educational board of rattlesnakes before you start the trail. As a parent that raises your awareness to an entire new level and you suddenly hear every imaginable sound in the forest... and I mean every sound. We fared well though, saw no snakes and had a nice time!

The weekend was a nice little break and a wonderful celebration for Bryan -- Happy Birthday Bryan!

Busy Summer Fun

I have been really meaning to post here, really I have. Summer has just been busy and the moments have a way of slipping by quicker than I realize and then before you know it the month of July has almost passed and I have not put up one post! And, sad thing... I had some great stuff I had been meaning to post. Oh well!

Even though we have been busy, it has all been fun Summer moments that I am making a point of enjoying from the inside vs always capturing on the outside with my camera. Bryan always points that out to me. He tells me to step out from behind the camera and just enjoy the moment engaged vs attempting to capture others enjoying the moment. I see his point and so this month I have picked my camera up very little. That has been a chore for me to NOT pick up my camera. And, while I have been fully enjoying myself, I think I am sad I don't have all the photos that go along with the fun... so, I am thinking that experiment is over. LOL!

Anyhow, this summer has been full with some camping, house projects, Holly's summer activities which included a day camp, swim classes and ballet. Enjoying our playgroup, outings to the park, company in town and local adventures. Good stuff!

I'll post some various photos I do have to share and starting today, I am picking my camera back up and snapping away... it is just what I do and enjoy! :)

Holly & Kristina making a firecracker 4th of July hat!