Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baby Dolls

Lately Holly has really taken to her baby dolls, hours of playing and pretending. I think her new fascination is the excitement of a new baby arriving in the house. She is always asking about the baby, talking about the baby and making her own plans for how things are going to be. It is pretty cute! But, with this has come the new obsession of her own baby dolls and caring for them. And, I think that is great!

Holly only had a couple baby clothes pieces and small diapers to use with them. Last night her Auntie Sue and cousin Sarah passed on some old doll clothes Sarah used to use when she was younger - so last night and this morning Holly has done nothing but play with her baby dolls. Dressing and undressing. It is nice, because her skills have really improved and she can do most of it on her own now. However, my favorite part is listening to her act our life with her baby dolls... so sweet.