Friday, July 24, 2009

Busy Summer Fun

I have been really meaning to post here, really I have. Summer has just been busy and the moments have a way of slipping by quicker than I realize and then before you know it the month of July has almost passed and I have not put up one post! And, sad thing... I had some great stuff I had been meaning to post. Oh well!

Even though we have been busy, it has all been fun Summer moments that I am making a point of enjoying from the inside vs always capturing on the outside with my camera. Bryan always points that out to me. He tells me to step out from behind the camera and just enjoy the moment engaged vs attempting to capture others enjoying the moment. I see his point and so this month I have picked my camera up very little. That has been a chore for me to NOT pick up my camera. And, while I have been fully enjoying myself, I think I am sad I don't have all the photos that go along with the fun... so, I am thinking that experiment is over. LOL!

Anyhow, this summer has been full with some camping, house projects, Holly's summer activities which included a day camp, swim classes and ballet. Enjoying our playgroup, outings to the park, company in town and local adventures. Good stuff!

I'll post some various photos I do have to share and starting today, I am picking my camera back up and snapping away... it is just what I do and enjoy! :)

Holly & Kristina making a firecracker 4th of July hat!

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linda said...

Great pictures, I was going to email to see if you were okay so I am glad that you posted..