Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday - Morning

Hey... Guess Who!... Today it's Dad!

I'm playing Mom today so I guess I have to blog first thing in the morning. Hope Mom don't mind.
It's Black Friday 2010 and I woke up to the classic Dad message left for millions across the nation:

- Start with a bottle, then real food. Lunch is in the fridge. Nap time is at 12:00. etc, etc, etc.

Good thing I've got my instructions for the day. Phew. I almost panicked.

Well. What now... I guess we play all day while mom shops!
And the rule of the day --- no one combs their hair.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snowy Weather

November has seen some beautiful snowy weather... we love it!!! Although it appears to reek havoc on the rest of the world, we have enjoyed this white wonderland. We have stayed home, cozied up, snuck out to play, made snow angels, discovered icicles, blew bubbles in freezing weather, made mini snowmen, sipped hot cocoa, played games and fed the birds. It has been a fun couple of days!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Hudson is a little crawler now. Nine months. Snuggable, cuddly, lovable and sweet! He loves to smile and flirt, melts my heart. Playing with his gears toy is a favorite past time. Playing with blocks and balls are also fun. The cats are an object of his new found crawling. He loves to eat, anything - except cheesecake. Talks all the time. Shares his beautiful eyes with a warm smile. Has eight teeth. Laughs like crazy. Giggles from deep down. Is a funny boy. Is amazing!!!

Boys & Brew

Olympia Children's Museum

A week or so ago we went to the Olympia Children's Museum with friends and had a really good time! Holly enjoyed a lot of time with close friends and Hudson had fun too. In fact he had just started crawling that day and loved to try out his new found freedom there! It was a really fun day!
Hudson was playing with a light table for a long time, then he noticed there was a mirror right in front of him. He thought that was the best thing ever! After the light table I took him over to a play mat and let him have some fun with the large mirror. He kept crawling up to it and resting his head on 'himself' it was cute! He does that here, he will crawl up to myself, family or even the cats and instead of reaching out he bows his head down and rests it on us. It is very sweet and gentle.