Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sugar N' Spice and Everything Nice...

That's what little girls are made of!

Holly is a wonderfully classic little girl - she loves everything girly, pink, frilly, glittery, froofy and fluffy. I love it! I love the day we argue over mommy wanting to dress her in jeans and she is demanding a skirt & tights. I love when she must have her hair pretties in place just so. I also love it when she totes her purse around loaded with tidbits from her life & McDonalds toys. We play dress up all the time, play make up and hair and put our dollies to rest often.

So, yesterday we went through her room and organized & cleaned in detail. Everything was tucked away in it's place, pretty and very girly --- which is not hard considering most items are either pink or purple. Later that day I walk by and placed ever so neatly on the rug is the toy she played with for about 1/2 hour... her Pirate Ship! Not the girliest of toys - in fact, quiet puppy dog tail! I had to snap a photo - a pristine girls room, pink as can be, with her pirate ship out for pure enjoyment! :)

Which brings me to this... thank goodness!!! Because if you all know me - I love lots of girly aspects of life... but, I am not the girliest girl around. Poor Holly! Sure I will be able to help out with hair, makeup and even some basic clothing choices as she gets older -- and I'll do my darndest! But, if she needs information on the hottest purse choices, the best makeup or the best place to have her nails done... I am not the best resource. She is going to have the 'pirate ship' side to her in order for us to make it through together happily! I can recommend a great campsite, kayak with her all day long, get geared up for a day of outdoor play, do some crafty things together and even show her some stuff in the kitchen. Hope she'll be good with that :)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hmm, that was my grand entry to blogging?

Wow, a few months later and finally a new entry. I am *really* good at this blogging thing, don't you think?

Anyhow, the holidays are finally filtering through and come this new year I am taking this on full course. I would love to share photos of our life, share our adventures in the upcoming year, show some crafting skills I obtain and fun stuff to post on and most of all keep in touch with folks! This might be fun!

We spent a really nice time in Leavenworth this month. This was our second year and won't be our last - we consider this a tradition for us to all three enjoy! We had a lot of fun again - rented a house this time with lots of family members, enjoyed the loads of snow (even though it was hard) and shared some nice memories! Sledding was a big attraction for Bryan, Holly & I. Here are some fun shots to enjoy! She really loved the sledding and finally built up the courage to give it a shot herself... that photo didn't turn out so great though. Oh well! Next year we might need two sleds to enjoy as I am not sure she will share with us.