Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Hudson!

Look who is TWO years old!!!

Hudson at Two Years Old!

Hudson is such a sweet little guy - full of silliness and laughter. He is thoughtful, kind and easy going. His eyes are beautiful and his smile is heart melting. He is very smart, loves books, enjoys puzzles and is always learning. He has a big sense of adventure. He is the best snuggler in this house. He enjoys all things Dinosaur Train and has recently discovered Elmo. He adores art and would do it all day if I let him. He likes to be physically active. He is gentle. He like trains, planes and helicopters. Loves animals. He is funny and already tells jokes. He listens pretty well. He is a great little brother. He is amazing and loving. Happy Birthday Hudson!

Hudson enjoyed a great birthday this week! He started his day off with some presents, Dinosaur Train, a cash register, a wooden pizza set, a couple books and a new metal dino water bottle like Holly's. He really enjoyed his birthday goodies!

After a morning of play we went out for pizza, enjoyed the afternoon at the Tacoma Children's Museum, had ice cream for dinner and a bit of pizza for dessert. He loved it all!

Happy Birthday Hudson!!!