Friday, February 19, 2010

Outdoor Fun with a Friend

Holly had a friend over this week and with the sun shining it's amazing warmth we let the kids enjoy some outdoor fun after a session with playdoh (hence the pink knees)... they had a blast! They were filthy by the time they were done - covered in playdoh, bubbles and dirt. A good time was had by all!

Photos to share...

Valentine's Day Celebration

Valentines Day was enjoyed this week by a certain little girl - she adores this holiday and all the little Valentine cards that come with it, sweet treats and of course a small present from Mom & Dad. This year she enjoyed a 'bath' themed treat of heart shaped bath fizzies, a soap that says 'Sweet' and some bath time foam 'paper' dolls to play with... which she loves!

Holly also enjoyed preparing a gift for Mom, Dad and Hudson too. Holly chose a cute Valentine bib for Hudson as well as a heart shaped wrist rattle and a Winnnie the Pooh soft rattle. This year she did a heart shaped cereal bowl for Bryan filled with Hugs & Kisses candies. The bowl is for Daddy to enjoy his morning oatmeal in and remind him of how much she loves him each morning (her words, too cute!). And, for Mommy she chose a bottle of wine for me to 'finally' enjoy after the baby and a bright pink Snuggie to cuddle up with... so lucky! Again, all her ideas - she is creative & cute for sure!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome To The World...

Monday, February 8th we welcomed little Hudson to the world!!! He is beautiful and perfect in every way - we are completely and totally in love with him.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Little Energy Burn

Monday we met up with friends at a neighboring town's local gymnastics studio for a morning energy burn for the kids... a great way to start the week! Holly really enjoyed all the various gymnastics equipment, the trampoline was a true favorite and the space to just be - run - and play... was amazing! I am sure we'll be visiting this great little place again and soon!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dinosaur Dig

Some family friends of ours shared a Toys R Us gift certificate with Holly as a 'Big Sister' gift - she had a fun time with Daddy picking out a special gift from them. My very science-brained child chose not a cute doll, no Polly Pockets, nope... no Barbies or Pet Shops - but rather a science kit that is a 'Dinosaur Dig'! And, she loves it!

This solid brick of rock/dirt contains 'dinosaur bones' that the child has to uncover using specialty tools. A little mallet, picks, brush and scraper. She has spent upwards of a couple of hours already working on this little project and has discovered several various bones in the mass of rock... none are actually out yet, we are working on that. But, I imagine soon we'll be assembling our bones to discover what kind of dinosaur she has unearthed! Many hours of fun are still to be had and we'll keep you updated....