Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dinosaur Dig

Some family friends of ours shared a Toys R Us gift certificate with Holly as a 'Big Sister' gift - she had a fun time with Daddy picking out a special gift from them. My very science-brained child chose not a cute doll, no Polly Pockets, nope... no Barbies or Pet Shops - but rather a science kit that is a 'Dinosaur Dig'! And, she loves it!

This solid brick of rock/dirt contains 'dinosaur bones' that the child has to uncover using specialty tools. A little mallet, picks, brush and scraper. She has spent upwards of a couple of hours already working on this little project and has discovered several various bones in the mass of rock... none are actually out yet, we are working on that. But, I imagine soon we'll be assembling our bones to discover what kind of dinosaur she has unearthed! Many hours of fun are still to be had and we'll keep you updated....

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