Friday, August 26, 2011

Remlinger Farms Summer Fair

Thursday we met up with some friends at Remlinger Farms... such a special treat! We try to go once a year, typically in the fall season. This was our first time during the summer season and I must say that I think I liked it better as there were more rides, animals and ponies to enjoy. And -- less crowds!!! The sunshine was warm but it wasn't too bad as they had sprinklers throughout the park for folks to enjoy, our kiddos got soaked a few times (me too). We had a fantastic day as we opened and closed the park down making for some tired kiddos and a tired momma!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Soccer Season

The new soccer season for us has officially kicked off. Last night was Holly's first practice. We'll be doing practices two nights a week for a few weeks, games are will be on Saturdays. Once the games start up she will be going down to one practice. She is very excited for soccer to be starting again and I am excited to see her grow this season in her skill level.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Denny Creek Camping Trip

Last week we enjoyed a ten day camping trip out at Denny Creek in the Snoqualmie area. This was our first time at this campground. It was a lovely little campground, however you can hear the road noise from I-90 - a bit too much for us. The area is beautiful and offers so, so many opportunities for outdoor fun & hiking! We enjoyed several hikes throughout the week - Franklin Falls, Denny Creek Water Slides, Wagon Trail Hike, Lake Talapus & Lake Ollalie and then Bryan and the kids enjoyed the Iron Horse Snoqualmie Train Tunnel and hike. Over all about 18 miles of hiking happend this past week.... AWESOME!!!

As well we enjoyed wonderful company camping, a ton of play with friends, river play, forest service roads, general camping goodness like star gazing, great foods and campfire endings to the day. The weather was amazing all week long offering us nothing but pure sunshine, how lucky we were!

There are just TOO MANY photos to share, so I selected just a few to share of our trip... I had over 200 photos, and that is light for me! Enjoy!!!

Getting ready for our first hike to Franklin Falls.

River along trail to Franklin Falls.

River along hike.


Pierce Family in front of Franklin Falls.

Hudson exploring at Denny Creek Waterslides.

Denny Creek Waterslides.

Fajitas -- the best camp dinner ever!!!

Corn bread pudding went great with fajitas! Yummy!

River along campground.

Heading out to place their first ever geo cache, so fun!

Holly enjoying daisies at Snoqualmie Pass.

Hudson too!

Snoqualmie Train Tunnel - start of a 6 mile hike.

The tunnel is DARK - 2 miles of darkness! Wow!

Heading out on a 6 mile hike to some alpine lakes!

On the trail...

Beautiful area!

In front of a small falls along hike!

Aren't they the cutest!!! Love them!

Talupus Lake - 2 mile mark.

Talupus Lake.

Ollalie Lake - 3 mile mark.

Stampede Pass drive.