Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Santa Letter

This weekend was our annual kick off for the Christmas Holiday season - starting with decorating our home, visiting the Spanaway Lake Holiday Light walk through night and ending with our final letter to Santa Claus! It has been a fun few days, filled with busyness and memories.
Holly's letter this year is in her own words and of course written by her as well. Here is what is says:
Dear Santa,
Merry Christmas!
I have been good.
May I please have:
Dinosaur toys
Water zoo
Tinkerbell game
Three Musketeer Barbie
A volcano
Love, Holly

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How Time Flies...

The past couple of weeks have flown by, busy with one thing or another. An indication the holidays are upon us. As well, I was down for a week or so with the H1N1 influenza - not fun! Bryan was able to get some good bonding time with Holly though as I was banned to the back bedroom in hopes to not pass it on to the family and I was also able to sleep a lot and get better. Holly & Bryan enjoyed a few local outings, play areas, special meals, camping in the living room with a real tent and movie nights. Pretty nice time for them actually, which I am very happy about.

We have also been working on the babies room - it is painted out now in a light chocolate brown. I am still working on some final painting touches and then I'll take some photos to share soon. But, it is coming together nicely and timely. Our goal was to have a majority of that done before the Christmas season as we tend to fill our time up with holiday celebrations and activities. I think we are on a pretty good track to balancing the babies room and the season.

The next few weeks are also pretty full with festivities already. Starting with this weekend, we are attending an extended family Thanksgiving and taking in a local holiday light show. We are decorating the house up for Christmas this weekend too... Holly is overjoyed about that too! Next week is Thanksgiving (crazy!), some holiday shopping the day after and then we are going to participate in a local children's museum fundraiser called Gingerbread Jamboree... where we will make a nice gingerbread house. I am sure we'll have a lot of photos to share and a fun time too! So, stay tuned....

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

This year we had a wonderful Halloween week! Holly had many opportunities to enjoy her Tinkerbell costume including with her friends at preschool, at a children's Halloween party, at a local school harvest carnival and of course on Halloween. She was thrilled to dress up each time too.
On Halloween night we went down to trick or treat with Aunt Blayne. They have never spent this holiday together so it was fun for both of them to get that chance before Blayne is a bit too old. The girls trick or treated their little hearts out - in fact Holly finally asked to head back to the house as she was tired and done. We kept a majority of her candy in a separate bag so that her bucket would not be too heavy. When we got back to the house and dumped it all out I couldn't believe how much she actually collected... it overflowed her little pumpkin bucket. She'll be stocked for a long time to come!
Happy Halloween!