Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Here is a cute shot...

A much better shot of Holly and her new hair!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Holly First Hair Cut...

The time has finally come... Holly's first hair cut. Three years of growing out her pretty little blonde locks come to this - a cut. She was very excited!! In fact, she has been asking for short hair for awhile now, we - the parents - had to build up the courage. We called in our dear friend Devon for the job, because we couldn't just hand her off to anyone... it takes a special friend for this job! Devon was happy to do the cut - Thanks Devon & hopefully she didn't wiggle too much! Holly really, really loves her new hair and has spent much time in her mirror posing!

Here are some before and after shots... I need to get some better after shots because Holly was much more interested in her lollipop then posing for a photo - so, I got the dazed over look. I'll try to capture some better shots very soon! Here is our little, grown up looking girl!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Holly's Room - A Work In Progress...

Or, so it seems! As most of you know a small house means really good storage and when you add a little one with 'stuff' that need seems to triple. Holly's rooms has been a work in progress for us as we are slowly figuring out the best options for storage, lighting, use, etc... Our eyes had been set on a new piece of furniture for her room and I had been scouring Craigslist for one. Come to find out our neighbor was selling the exact piece we were desiring, Thanks Jennifer! As well, we have added some better lighting to Holly's room, a new reading chair and a tad of rearranging. Here are some photos of her room now... which she loves & enjoys more than ever being in! We moved her kitchen & house stuff nearer the kitchen in general. She is also playing with all of that way more than before. It's amazing what a little moving around can do for toy rejuvination!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

What a beautiful day!!!

Saturday was in the 70's... yes, the 70's! Wow!!! That kind of weather makes you put any & all plans on hold and head on out for some fun. We decided to head up to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle for the afternoon and then we came home and had our first bbq dinner of the season. I managed to take some photos of animals while at the zoo - nothing too worthy of sharing. My favorite shots are these of Holly checking out some tulips. Enjoy!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Party Planning

Holly's 3rd birthday is quickly approaching - so, we are all in party planning mode. She wakes up daily and asks how much longer till her birthday -- because when you turn three... you get to try *GUM* - WooHoo!!! Oh and, that small thing that three is a *big girl* too! Daddy put a calendar in her room to mark off the days till her birthday.

We are going to do cooking as a party theme for her since she will be getting a new kitchen and goodies for her birthday this year. All the kids will get a red & white apron, make a chefs hat and create their own mini pizzas and cup cakes - as well as a couple of simple games and play time! I have been working on the little aprons that will adorn our pint sized guests -- not too shabby for a 10 minute sew job, from beginning to end including cutting! :) Now, to times that by 13 little ones... I guess I should get busy!

Jims U Fish

Last week Holly & I attended a fun little gathering with our Moms Club at Jims U Fish. I had never been, but had heard good things. It was soo fun for the kids! This place is not all about fishing, at all. Holly had a blast playing with her friends on the toys and boat in gravel, seeing farm animals (the camel was her favorite - they are HUGE), almost touching a trout and riding a pony. We had a really good time and plan to take Daddy back very soon!!! Here is a photo of Holly on the pony.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I *heart* this photo!!!

Last week I scrapbooked for the first time in a *very long time* --- it felt so good to be creative! Anyhow, as I was looking through photos to print out - I came across this one! It really is one of my absolute favorites of Holly - it makes my heart smile! Just thought I'd share! I'll post some shots of scrapping pages later -- why I haven't thought of it sooner, who knows?