Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tadpoles??? What tadpoles!

Last year we let Holly participate in a wonderful local gardeners program that offers great children's programs, including learning about frogs & pond life. When you finish the little class you leave with a tadpole and care instructions, a small journal to track the changes, etc... It was fun! Even for the young child that she was then, she really did enjoy watching him daily and seeing the amazing changes that took place. She even loved hunting for bugs after our tadpole became a full fledged frog. We released him in a local park. Overall, it was a great experience.

Well, this year -- we had plans the same weekend of this particular class. We opted to hold out and instead HUNT for our own tadpole! Sounds like a great idea, right? This could offer Holly even a better understanding of where these little critters actually live. After all, Bryan & I clearly remember many tadpoles from our childhood. I personally remember spending hours at a local swampy waterway in Parkland seeking tadpoles and salamanders - bringing them home in containers and even adding them to our tank sometimes. Great memories!!!

We are having no luck - none, nada, zilch! Tadpoles just do not exist anymore (kidding of course)! We have spent upwards of a couple hours seeking out local waters to find our froggy friend, we've checked lakes, ponds, little stream sides, mucky water holes, more ponds, etc... with no sign of a frog. Granted we can lay in bed at night and hear what sounds like hudreds of frogs and laugh... because there are no tadpoles to be found anywhere. What's their secret?

Oh well, we have had some fun along the way! This is a great time of year to be out & about in the waters. We have seen many, many baby birds along the way! Tonight for instance we discovered a completely new trail system just a few minutes from our house - it is beautiful! We saw some really pretty slugs (seriously), a very cool snail with an amazing shell, Bryan saw a beaver in a local pond (we'll be heading back with better shoes soon to see for ourselves), we found great birds and fed the baby ducks... all in one night! Not bad for a family outing! We just left empty handed of tadpoles.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Garden

This weekend ended up being a great weekend weather wise! Not too hot, not too cold! We spent a lot of time out in the yard prepping for a good summer of gardens.

Bryan has finally finished his entire hop garden complete with 11 foot (or so) climbing trellis - I am sure the neighbors think its a bit odd as it is very shrine-looking. Hops are actually a pretty plant and produce such a unique flower. And of course the product is used in some pretty good beer! Hopefully Bryan will get to use them in a quality homebrew this Fall! He spent this past Saturday brewing a big batch of homebrew for himself too. He enjoyed it, lot's of work alone, but he is looking forward to having some stock on hand with the good weather approaching!

As well, Bryan has built us a new garden bed -- we are now up to three raised beds and one itty bitty one for Holly. I weeded them out this weekend and Holly & I planted out vegetable garden. We have in corn, beans, carrots, lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, zucinni, strawberries, rasberries, rosemary, chives and oregano. Our newest bed has yet to be planted - but, we have been offered some cucumber plants and maybe some strawberry plants if we want and I think I will leave some room for them.

As well, we cleaned up our large garden bench and I went through alot of our pots and changed out the dirt and planted lots of posies! We have some new posies planted on our entry porch now too! The fountain is also back out for the season... we are ready for summer!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Make A Wish

Kayaking, Sunshine & Fun... great combo

We spent a very fun weekend in the sun and hot weather! This kind of weather calls for water activity of some kind, outdoor time and lot's of it... so that is exactly what we did! Friday evening we spent around the yard and Saturday & Sunday we went over to Anderson Island to visit Grandpa Hawk. With us we brought our kayak. We don't get out enough in the kayak so any opportunity we can get, we'll take! Holly had a great time swimming, beach combing and visiting over the weekend! Here are some great shots to share!
Liberty kayaking

Bryan heading out to kayak

Holly on some drift wood & in the sand

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

THREE ~ Our baby is THREE

Wow -- where has the time gone! It honestly feels like we just brought her home - it sure flies by. Holly had a wonderful birthday celebration this year! We did her party the week before to avoid Mothers Day weekend plans so many had and as to not overwhelm us all in two days.

So, we did her party on the 3rd. Our theme this year was a Cooking Party! The kids all arrived to decorate their little chef hat and don their cook's aprons! Then they were off to play in Holly's new kitchen. We let them create their own mini pizzas and eventually cupcakes with loads of sugary toppings! I'd venture to say they really had a good time! I know that Holly said she had a really fun party and that is what counts!

On her birthday we spent the day together as a family and enjoyed Northwest Trek. Many babies are out this time of year and the proved true when we took the tram ride. Holly & I enjoyed this one together while we spotted 5 baby bison and some baby goats. We saw everything from big horned sheep to moose to beaver and deer galore! She had a great time. That night we stayed in had a family movie night with homemade icecream in her new ice cream maker- - that was fun to roll around, shake and groove with! And, let me just say... home made icecream is sooo much better than storebought stuff - WOW!
So, welcome to three my little one! Hope your year is a fun filled one with lot's of exploration, discovery, growth, love, friendship, joy, laughter and fun!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Just thought I'd share that our house is starting to see a few new improvements. We are the proud new owners of a grand spankin' new dishwasher!! I can officially step down from that job, well for the most part! Seriously though, it couldn't be a better Mother's Day gift -- and, no -- I never thought I'd appreciate an appliance so much. I think I have gained about 4 hours a week back... now what to do with it. Kidding!

As well, Bryan & Hawk have began the installation of trimwork in our house! Yes, you heard right... trimwork. We have decided to go with a thick white trim - the best part it is solid pvc trim - so when it gets dinged... it is *still* white! How great is that?

Even though I am not the one doing all the work... it feels good to have some new tasks started once again! Thanks Bryan... and Hawk!!!