Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Garden

This weekend ended up being a great weekend weather wise! Not too hot, not too cold! We spent a lot of time out in the yard prepping for a good summer of gardens.

Bryan has finally finished his entire hop garden complete with 11 foot (or so) climbing trellis - I am sure the neighbors think its a bit odd as it is very shrine-looking. Hops are actually a pretty plant and produce such a unique flower. And of course the product is used in some pretty good beer! Hopefully Bryan will get to use them in a quality homebrew this Fall! He spent this past Saturday brewing a big batch of homebrew for himself too. He enjoyed it, lot's of work alone, but he is looking forward to having some stock on hand with the good weather approaching!

As well, Bryan has built us a new garden bed -- we are now up to three raised beds and one itty bitty one for Holly. I weeded them out this weekend and Holly & I planted out vegetable garden. We have in corn, beans, carrots, lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, zucinni, strawberries, rasberries, rosemary, chives and oregano. Our newest bed has yet to be planted - but, we have been offered some cucumber plants and maybe some strawberry plants if we want and I think I will leave some room for them.

As well, we cleaned up our large garden bench and I went through alot of our pots and changed out the dirt and planted lots of posies! We have some new posies planted on our entry porch now too! The fountain is also back out for the season... we are ready for summer!

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Sienna said...

Howdy! I'm guessing from your blog title that you're a quilter. I love that your hubby is a beer maker too. I love to quilt, my hubby and I both love to garden and his new love is beer-making. Awesome! Thanks for checking out my blog.