Thursday, September 13, 2012

Leavenworth Part 2

One of our first outings was our usual visit to the fish hatchery -- one of our favorites!! We try to get there earlier in the day while it is cool as shade is not overly common. It is great to see the salmon returning, learn a bit about the salmon hatchery and how they operate and enjoy the small nature trail. The kids really enjoyed it! We did not see any lizards like normal however we did find a cute little squirrel who was in a bird house. A fun time!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Leavenworth Camping Trip Part 1

Our annual camping trip with friends and family this year was our longest yet - we stayed for ten days and even that didn't seem long enough. We started our trip with this super long list of things we wanted to see, do, try, explore, find and enjoy... we hit only a few of those items making time to just enjoy camp as well. We came to the realization that the particular camp site we stayed at wasn't just a camp site but rather a base for the area we really wanted to enjoy.

We stayed at Tumwater Campground just outside of Leavenworth. This was a great campground that we would enjoy again. The campground is huge offering sites both for a quick night over and enjoyment on the river. We did luck out and enjoy the river all week while camping, which was really nice as the weather was hot... some days reaching close to one-hundred. Being in the mountains and near water helped to keep the warmth reasonable.

While camping we enjoyed many outings on hikes and to town. One walk was to an alpine lake called Hidden Lake, just above Lake Wenatchee. The walk was just under a mile, perfect for kids. The lake was beautiful!!! We hiked up and enjoy some refreshing water play.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Silver Springs Camping

This past weekend we enjoyed our annual trip with friends to Silver Springs camp ground - a fun way to kind of kick off the camping season! The weather was some what cooperative, a few showers on Saturday but not too horrible. The kids all seemed to care less and kept on playing.

All of our camping friends are dutch oven masters now too -- making for some fine feasts when together! The food cannot be beat - in fact our dinners are so amazing that we eat a light lunch and few snacks... gotta keep the bellies ready for good food! Bryan also enjoys a certain breakfast dish that he cooked up each morning, makes way more than our family  can eat but luckily there are others to help enjoy it.

Once again a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Road Trip

A couple of weeks back we took a road trip.... to no where in particular, just because! We have not done this in a very long time and it felt good!!! Right before we headed out we did decide to include some campgrounds we were hoping to check out so that small agenda was added in - other than that we just took our time, stopped and played, fished and took a nature walk! It was a wonderful day that started out very early and impromptu like and finished very late and messy car like... a perfect day!!!