Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Silver Springs Camping Trip

Last weekend we enjoyed a fun weekend camping with our friends! The campground (Silver Springs) was really nice, pretty close to home and yet close to so many other outdoor opportunities. We enjoyed checking out some local sites and surrounding camping options. The kids played their little hearts out and we all enjoyed some great dutch oven cooking! It was a wonderful weekend, a great trip to kick off the summer season of camping!

Snow & view (above) at Chinook Pass

Beloved Mt. Rainier... amazing!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pop of Creativity

Last night Holly wanted to play with her pop-beads really badly. These are such a classic little girl toy offering some fun creativity. She got these for her third birthday and in that time they have gotten so much use! It is fun to break them out with adults over because before you know it everyone is all decked out in funky colorful pop bead jewelery. Very fun stuff!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lessons for all...

Holly has officially moved onto the big girl world of swimming lessons... without Mommy or Daddy. *sigh* That is really hard! A lot of mom's like myself are not typically fond of climbing in the water for 'Mom and Me' classes due to our own insecurities, it has nothing to do with the child at all... just ourselves. Now that my daughter is old enough to do them without me, I really wish I was in there with her - holding tight, watching carefully and guiding one on one. This is all a lesson to me, get over the insecurities and enjoy it. Trust me, this new insecurity of letting go in water with a complete stranger and other kids.... is much tougher!

Last night as we watched on the edge of our seats ready to jump the rail and dive in after her if needed.... she had fun. She had a blast actually! We worried for nothing because in reality, she was the best behaved little one in that class. She wasn't climbing out of the water, letting go of the edge, dunking and playing games, etc. Holly listened to what she was told and did really well! It was actually a good moment for Bryan and I as we watched her listen and follow directions - a moment where you stop and think "wow, it is all sinking in". We are very proud of her and wish her many good swimming lessons ahead.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Filling In

Holly's garden surrounding her little playhouse is filling in so nicely! We have made a few small modifications, moved a few items and have lost a plant or two - for the most part though we are so happy with how it is all filling in, growing and changing.

Each morning we awake to a garden a buzz with birds romping about, bathing in the bird baths and chattering at the feeders. The rabbits have slowly worked their way up - this morning I officially saw one in her little garden checking things out. The deer still come to visit on occasion. Our little tadpoles have evolved into tiny green frogs who have now moved on to find little homes in her garden. Over all, life is good in her garden.

Many hours have been spent playing pretend, gardening, turning rocks and logs in an effort to locate the unsuspecting potato bug. Our little bug house has had a regular flow of guests, our internet has had many moments of Holly and parent in search of names for our critters, books and guides are being scoured to discover the names and behaviours of critters, lessons are being learned daily and memories are being created. Good memories!

The evening hours have also been enjoyed in her garden. Evening hours bring out different bird behaviour we have noticed and bugs are a bit easier to find. We have spent hours watering and exploring together while we do. We have cut tons of lettuce to enjoy with our meals and are watching the raspberries ripen and the beans grow! Moments have been spent enjoying drippy popsicles while flower gazing in the warm sun and catching the beautiful sunset.
We couldn't be happier with Holly's garden, the close moments and memories it has created!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day down at the ocean this year. The weather could not have cooperated more, it was sunny and beautiful! All day we played in the sand, ran through the water and enjoyed good food and company. Holly enjoyed her very first time being buried in the sand, built her first real sand castle at the beach and flew her kite alone. We enjoyed a full day of wonderful family time, which is no better way to celebrate Father's Day!

Holly flying a kite
Running in through the water...
Windy family photo...

Holly & Grandpa Hawk taking a walk...

Bring burried in the sand...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Special Trip for Holly

So, last night we took Holly out for a special shopping trip...

'Why?' you ask....

Hmmm.... Still not sure?

Yep.... you read that right!!! I promise! We are about 6 weeks along, so early but expecting! And, we are beyond thrilled!

So, last night we decided to share out news with Holly as we really wanted her to be the first to know. And, Holly -- was ECSTATIC! She was so happy, smiley and excited. She had a million and one questions. She is ready to shop, plan, teach, play and help with a new little baby sister or brother. Which by the way, Holly is certain it will be a girl, LOL!

Bryan, doing things in the Bryan fashion, wanted to draw it out for her... so here he slowly starts with our family -

The papa...
The mama...Little Holly...
And, wait... "who is that?"

Oh.... I get it!!!

This is the *best* photo to me... she really was so happy and excited! After she got out a few big questions and happiness, she then proceeded to tell me she couldn't wait to 'hug' the baby when it comes... like this:

To celebrate with Holly we took her shopping at Babies R Us so that she could pick something special for the upcoming baby. She was thrilled! And, ready to furnish an entire nursery - seriously... she wanted to get it all now :) Very sweet! Holly settled on two special items that are actually things she found very special to her as a baby -- a soft 'blankie' and 'paci' like she had as a baby.

It was a very special evening. We are absolutely excited and are looking forward to our new memories.

Oh, and for the curious - we are not slated to head to the doctor for a couple more weeks... just how things are. However, when we calculated the due date online it is for February 14, 2010! *too sweet*

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Last night while we were out working in Holly's little exploration garden, watering & weeding, I walked past the frog bog.... and heard a small *splash*. The noise caught me off guard. Hunkering down to take a peek into the little bog we discovered a green frog. An itty bitty green frog!!! He has a itsy bit of tail left, other than that he is a full blown frog now.

This morning I peeked out again to see him sitting up on the rock in the center. We did it!!! Our very first attempt at a little frog bog was successful. We do still have a couple of other little 'tadpoles' with legs who are forming, but will soon be on a journey as a little green friend as well. I am hoping they will stay in the area and that over time our little bog will naturally attract the little guys.

Now I am working with Holly to walk light footed and be aware around the bog as those little guys will be venturing away from the water soon. A whole new lesson to be learned - but one that is well worth it! We could not be happier to have success in our exploration garden!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Penrose Point~ Beach Combing & Hiking

This past weekend we camped for the first time at Penrose Point State Park and had a wonderful time! The park is really nice, was not overly crowded at all, had a really nice family friendly trail system, incredible beaches to explore and was completely worth camping at!

We arrived Friday and set up camp, explored the campground some and took a small hike. Saturday morning was the beginning of low tide - so we walked and explored the beach for about an hour then took a couple mile trail hike to check out Penrose Point - really pretty area! The afternoon was enjoyed with the company of our friends the Seaburgs. The girls really enjoyed exploring the beach for a couple hours, attempting to nap together (aka - giggle fest) and then we did some more beach play before they headed out for the day. Sunday we went for another long hike and then hit the beach for another round of beach exploration at low tide. This time we took the long sand bar out to the very end and we found sea stars of all colors, moon snails galore, sea creatures of all shapes and sizes, crabs, birds and more. It was amazing!!!