Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lessons for all...

Holly has officially moved onto the big girl world of swimming lessons... without Mommy or Daddy. *sigh* That is really hard! A lot of mom's like myself are not typically fond of climbing in the water for 'Mom and Me' classes due to our own insecurities, it has nothing to do with the child at all... just ourselves. Now that my daughter is old enough to do them without me, I really wish I was in there with her - holding tight, watching carefully and guiding one on one. This is all a lesson to me, get over the insecurities and enjoy it. Trust me, this new insecurity of letting go in water with a complete stranger and other kids.... is much tougher!

Last night as we watched on the edge of our seats ready to jump the rail and dive in after her if needed.... she had fun. She had a blast actually! We worried for nothing because in reality, she was the best behaved little one in that class. She wasn't climbing out of the water, letting go of the edge, dunking and playing games, etc. Holly listened to what she was told and did really well! It was actually a good moment for Bryan and I as we watched her listen and follow directions - a moment where you stop and think "wow, it is all sinking in". We are very proud of her and wish her many good swimming lessons ahead.

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Jennifer said...

Good for you guys!