Friday, June 5, 2009

Snake Lake

This morning we met up with some friends to enjoy the nature trails at Snake Lake. The kids were all busy looking for bugs, signs of animals, turtles and frogs... overall we found many of these items. The hardest part is getting all the little ones to slow down long enough to truly look. I had to remind Holly that 'it is not the destination, but the journey'. Holly really enjoyed her morning of exploration with her buddies and found many great treasures.

This is one of two turtles we spotted in the pond.The girls are all checking out a caterpillar, taking turns nicely with him.And, of course there were tons of beautiful sounding birds to be heard... not seen so much. There were some school groups on top of our group of kiddos... making for a noisier than normal park I am sure - keeping many critters at bay.

Lately Holly has really taken sweetly to buttercups. Our yard has several buttercups to enjoy. Her Aunt Blayne has taught the fun tale as a child that if you hold it below your chin and see yellow then you like butter. So now Holly collects tons of buttercups and brings them to over to check and see our butter preferences.

Well, last weekend when we were heading out to the chicken farm we passed several farm properties that were literally fields of buttercups... as far as the eye could see. Holly was really enjoying them. She then mentioned how she would just love to run through an entire field of buttercups one day... and how 'grand' that would be! Such simple dreams when you are four - you've gotta love it!

Anyhow... I couldn't pass up these little photos in a small patch of buttercups at the pond today - they are too sweet of her!

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linda said...

Great photos. My guys would love to hike in that area..