Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Filling In

Holly's garden surrounding her little playhouse is filling in so nicely! We have made a few small modifications, moved a few items and have lost a plant or two - for the most part though we are so happy with how it is all filling in, growing and changing.

Each morning we awake to a garden a buzz with birds romping about, bathing in the bird baths and chattering at the feeders. The rabbits have slowly worked their way up - this morning I officially saw one in her little garden checking things out. The deer still come to visit on occasion. Our little tadpoles have evolved into tiny green frogs who have now moved on to find little homes in her garden. Over all, life is good in her garden.

Many hours have been spent playing pretend, gardening, turning rocks and logs in an effort to locate the unsuspecting potato bug. Our little bug house has had a regular flow of guests, our internet has had many moments of Holly and parent in search of names for our critters, books and guides are being scoured to discover the names and behaviours of critters, lessons are being learned daily and memories are being created. Good memories!

The evening hours have also been enjoyed in her garden. Evening hours bring out different bird behaviour we have noticed and bugs are a bit easier to find. We have spent hours watering and exploring together while we do. We have cut tons of lettuce to enjoy with our meals and are watching the raspberries ripen and the beans grow! Moments have been spent enjoying drippy popsicles while flower gazing in the warm sun and catching the beautiful sunset.
We couldn't be happier with Holly's garden, the close moments and memories it has created!


Jennifer said...

I love your blog Liberty, it inspires me as a Mom!

linda said...

I love the garden, it is so pretty.. I am also a big fan of your blog..

delightfuldwelling said...

That playouse and garden are the best I have ever seen. Your family did an amazing job on them.