Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Special Trip for Holly

So, last night we took Holly out for a special shopping trip...

'Why?' you ask....

Hmmm.... Still not sure?

Yep.... you read that right!!! I promise! We are about 6 weeks along, so early but expecting! And, we are beyond thrilled!

So, last night we decided to share out news with Holly as we really wanted her to be the first to know. And, Holly -- was ECSTATIC! She was so happy, smiley and excited. She had a million and one questions. She is ready to shop, plan, teach, play and help with a new little baby sister or brother. Which by the way, Holly is certain it will be a girl, LOL!

Bryan, doing things in the Bryan fashion, wanted to draw it out for her... so here he slowly starts with our family -

The papa...
The mama...Little Holly...
And, wait... "who is that?"

Oh.... I get it!!!

This is the *best* photo to me... she really was so happy and excited! After she got out a few big questions and happiness, she then proceeded to tell me she couldn't wait to 'hug' the baby when it comes... like this:

To celebrate with Holly we took her shopping at Babies R Us so that she could pick something special for the upcoming baby. She was thrilled! And, ready to furnish an entire nursery - seriously... she wanted to get it all now :) Very sweet! Holly settled on two special items that are actually things she found very special to her as a baby -- a soft 'blankie' and 'paci' like she had as a baby.

It was a very special evening. We are absolutely excited and are looking forward to our new memories.

Oh, and for the curious - we are not slated to head to the doctor for a couple more weeks... just how things are. However, when we calculated the due date online it is for February 14, 2010! *too sweet*


We are Family! said...

OHHHH Liberty! How exciting!! You are in the pregnant group now! LOL!
I am soooo happy for you guys and can't wait to meet the new little bundle of JOY!!!!! : ) YEAH!!!!!

linda said...

How exciting.. I am so happy for your entire family, Holly is going to be a great big sister..

Joyce and Ray said...

We are so happy for the three of you. How wonderful for Holly to have a brother or a sister to spend her life with.