Monday, June 8, 2009

Penrose Point~ Beach Combing & Hiking

This past weekend we camped for the first time at Penrose Point State Park and had a wonderful time! The park is really nice, was not overly crowded at all, had a really nice family friendly trail system, incredible beaches to explore and was completely worth camping at!

We arrived Friday and set up camp, explored the campground some and took a small hike. Saturday morning was the beginning of low tide - so we walked and explored the beach for about an hour then took a couple mile trail hike to check out Penrose Point - really pretty area! The afternoon was enjoyed with the company of our friends the Seaburgs. The girls really enjoyed exploring the beach for a couple hours, attempting to nap together (aka - giggle fest) and then we did some more beach play before they headed out for the day. Sunday we went for another long hike and then hit the beach for another round of beach exploration at low tide. This time we took the long sand bar out to the very end and we found sea stars of all colors, moon snails galore, sea creatures of all shapes and sizes, crabs, birds and more. It was amazing!!!

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