Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Silver Springs Camping Trip

Last weekend we enjoyed a fun weekend camping with our friends! The campground (Silver Springs) was really nice, pretty close to home and yet close to so many other outdoor opportunities. We enjoyed checking out some local sites and surrounding camping options. The kids played their little hearts out and we all enjoyed some great dutch oven cooking! It was a wonderful weekend, a great trip to kick off the summer season of camping!

Snow & view (above) at Chinook Pass

Beloved Mt. Rainier... amazing!


linda said...

Great photos.. I would someday love to visit Mt. Rainer..

Elise said...

Looks beautiful!! I am sweating looking at your little girl in a hoodie, though!! Hahaha!!

We are Family! said...

Beautiful!!!!! Amazing photos...looks like lots of fun!

Ariana said...

These are really beautiful pictures and are causing my heart to ache. I was supposed to go visit there this summer but financially I just can't do it :(

I love the picture of the three kids sitting together! Man, the view just doesn't get better than that.