Thursday, June 11, 2009


Last night while we were out working in Holly's little exploration garden, watering & weeding, I walked past the frog bog.... and heard a small *splash*. The noise caught me off guard. Hunkering down to take a peek into the little bog we discovered a green frog. An itty bitty green frog!!! He has a itsy bit of tail left, other than that he is a full blown frog now.

This morning I peeked out again to see him sitting up on the rock in the center. We did it!!! Our very first attempt at a little frog bog was successful. We do still have a couple of other little 'tadpoles' with legs who are forming, but will soon be on a journey as a little green friend as well. I am hoping they will stay in the area and that over time our little bog will naturally attract the little guys.

Now I am working with Holly to walk light footed and be aware around the bog as those little guys will be venturing away from the water soon. A whole new lesson to be learned - but one that is well worth it! We could not be happier to have success in our exploration garden!

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