Thursday, May 8, 2008


Just thought I'd share that our house is starting to see a few new improvements. We are the proud new owners of a grand spankin' new dishwasher!! I can officially step down from that job, well for the most part! Seriously though, it couldn't be a better Mother's Day gift -- and, no -- I never thought I'd appreciate an appliance so much. I think I have gained about 4 hours a week back... now what to do with it. Kidding!

As well, Bryan & Hawk have began the installation of trimwork in our house! Yes, you heard right... trimwork. We have decided to go with a thick white trim - the best part it is solid pvc trim - so when it gets dinged... it is *still* white! How great is that?

Even though I am not the one doing all the work... it feels good to have some new tasks started once again! Thanks Bryan... and Hawk!!!

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