Friday, April 11, 2008

Party Planning

Holly's 3rd birthday is quickly approaching - so, we are all in party planning mode. She wakes up daily and asks how much longer till her birthday -- because when you turn three... you get to try *GUM* - WooHoo!!! Oh and, that small thing that three is a *big girl* too! Daddy put a calendar in her room to mark off the days till her birthday.

We are going to do cooking as a party theme for her since she will be getting a new kitchen and goodies for her birthday this year. All the kids will get a red & white apron, make a chefs hat and create their own mini pizzas and cup cakes - as well as a couple of simple games and play time! I have been working on the little aprons that will adorn our pint sized guests -- not too shabby for a 10 minute sew job, from beginning to end including cutting! :) Now, to times that by 13 little ones... I guess I should get busy!

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