Monday, April 21, 2008

Holly First Hair Cut...

The time has finally come... Holly's first hair cut. Three years of growing out her pretty little blonde locks come to this - a cut. She was very excited!! In fact, she has been asking for short hair for awhile now, we - the parents - had to build up the courage. We called in our dear friend Devon for the job, because we couldn't just hand her off to anyone... it takes a special friend for this job! Devon was happy to do the cut - Thanks Devon & hopefully she didn't wiggle too much! Holly really, really loves her new hair and has spent much time in her mirror posing!

Here are some before and after shots... I need to get some better after shots because Holly was much more interested in her lollipop then posing for a photo - so, I got the dazed over look. I'll try to capture some better shots very soon! Here is our little, grown up looking girl!

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Anonymous said...

nice to know the pussy won't have hair for years yet, I LOVE little bald pussy