Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hmm, that was my grand entry to blogging?

Wow, a few months later and finally a new entry. I am *really* good at this blogging thing, don't you think?

Anyhow, the holidays are finally filtering through and come this new year I am taking this on full course. I would love to share photos of our life, share our adventures in the upcoming year, show some crafting skills I obtain and fun stuff to post on and most of all keep in touch with folks! This might be fun!

We spent a really nice time in Leavenworth this month. This was our second year and won't be our last - we consider this a tradition for us to all three enjoy! We had a lot of fun again - rented a house this time with lots of family members, enjoyed the loads of snow (even though it was hard) and shared some nice memories! Sledding was a big attraction for Bryan, Holly & I. Here are some fun shots to enjoy! She really loved the sledding and finally built up the courage to give it a shot herself... that photo didn't turn out so great though. Oh well! Next year we might need two sleds to enjoy as I am not sure she will share with us.


Tisa Theresa Irene said...

You guys are So CUTE! I love the one of you and Holly zipping down the Mountain! Have you uploaded anywhere (snapfish, kodak, ect) so I can get copies of them?

Love Tisa

Sarah Lee said...

Well welcome to the world of blogging! Don't feel bad about having time go between blogs, I do it all the time! You get so busy LIVING life that you run out of time to report all the details! That and I'm a techno/web junkie so I probably have more of these things going on then I should! Keeping them all updated is way too time consuming sometimes!

You guys look like you are having a blast! We want to take a trip to the snow so Alex can experience it as well. Can you believe he's three and we have yet to show him snow?!? Here's to living in sunny Cali!

Have a happy new year and keep up the blogging so we can see how much fun Holly is having!

Sarah Lee