Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not Enough Time...

Last week was yet another full week - we returned from Leavenworth and had a full week of fun. We hosted our playgroup at a local spray ground park that is so fun for the kids. The weather was perfect, warm but not too hot and the kids had a blast. Holly also had a full week with swim lessons and ballet too - she is really enjoying these classes a lot. And, we had my family in town for the week. I wish we were able to visit more but with our prior engagements of classes a bit of morning sickness (all day lingering) and life... we were not able to visit as much as I would have liked.
However, we did enjoy a nice visit up to Seattle and met up at the Pikes Place Market. Holly thought that was pretty cool. She enjoyed all the vendors, people watching and the treats along the way.

Friday we met up and headed to Mount Rainier - that was fun! We took the full drive up to Paradise, stopped at Longmire and a stop or two along the way. The mountain was beautiful as usual - I find it so peaceful up there. The new visitors center is amazing - they did a really nice job!

We had a nice visit for the short time we were together... we'll miss you of course! Wish you'd move back home and then we'd get to see each other so much more!

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