Monday, August 3, 2009

Mount St. Helens

Friday we spent the whole day exploring the Mount St. Helen's area and had a blast! We headed up with Bryan's Dad, Mom and Uncle Lee who was in town visiting. The weather couldn't have been more perfect or clear for a amazing views of the volcano.

Mount St. Helen's is simply breath taking. You can't really put into words the destruction that happened... and it is nearly 30 years later, so a lot of time for recovery to have happened. However, to see the hill sides just scattered with massive trees in all directions like small tooth picks ~ is something you can't really describe, you just have to see it.
This year we went up the more popular side to Johnston Ridge Observatory, the various viewpoints are wonderful. They have really done a beautiful job with the whole presentation and preservation of the mountain. The whole trip was very child friendly and honestly Holly could not have had a better time. She really learned a lot!
A couple years ago we checked out Windy Ridge outlook, which is a completely different experience. When we headed up I clearly remember taking the wonderful treed roads up and as you turned the corner on bend it was as if you entered a different world. The trees were demolished, scattered all about, very little in terms of growth was over a couple feet tall. And, it just went on and on like that. The views of Spirit Lake were amazing, filled with log debris that covered the surface in mass. Just mind blowing.

The day was capped with a great experience for Bryan and Hawk. They both enjoyed a helicopter tour to the mountain. The tour followed the valley up to the mountain and then followed the blown out portion of the rim where they could see everything like the new lava dome that is forming and a huge glacier inside. Bryan said it was one of the best experiences he has enjoyed!

If you have yet to visit Mount St. Helen's... plan to soon. It is amazing! And, right in your own backyard!


Amber, That's Me! said...

Wow, amazing views. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

linda said...

Amazing photos, I have some ashes from Mount St. Helens.. Thanks for sharing those photos..