Thursday, August 6, 2009

Level Two

Holly finished up her second round of swim lessons this evening and was advanced to level two! She is so excited and proud of herself, as are we.

Holly has really enjoyed her lessons so far and has come a long way in her water confidence and abilities. She will now submerge in the water fully, open her eyes, learned some safety skills, knows how to blow the bubbles, deals with water in her eyes better, is getting good and practicing her front and back strokes with straighter arms and is super close to doing a back float alone. That is a lot to learn and become comfortable with in a couple months.

Lessons are over till November now if we stay with this program. I think in the mean time we will be doing a family swim night once a week to practice these skills with her some more and hopefully make a full breakthrough of 'letting go' for some of it... such as the back float (I know she could do it, she just needs to figure that out). The family swim nights have always been fun and we are looking forward to doing them weekly!

In the mean time, CONGRATS to Holly for moving up! :)

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wholarmor said...

Congratulations! I've been documenting swim lessons on my blog, too. My two kids are in level one right now and will finish their last swim lesson tomorrow. Swim lessons are also over for us for a while. I'm hoping my son passes on to level two. He has surely overcome a lot in the last two weeks!