Monday, August 24, 2009

Maratime Museum

We met some friends over at the local Maritime Museum call Discovery Wharf. The kids all had such a great time. They were outfitted in life vests and we hit the docks to see the tall ships that had just pulled into port the evening before - great luck! They ships were beautiful and quiet a sight to see. Our guides helped the kids (and moms) learn the terminology of boats and their workings. And soon we headed indoors for some more maritime fun.

The kids learned about sinking and floating with a great hands on experiment and they guide related it to how boats are designed to float. The practiced more terminology of a boat and then played on a gill netter boat inside. The kids also learned about a port system and played a long time with wooden boats, rail cars, containers and more... a fun time. After some more indoor fun they finished the tour off with creating their own wooden boat to bring home and then we all headed out to climb on board the tall ships and see them from the inside - a great ending to a great outing!

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