Sunday, August 30, 2009

Maratime Fest

Every year we head down to enjoy our local Maratime Fest event and it is always a lot of fun, this year was no exception! I enjoy how each year the organizers do things just a bit different so it doesn't feel like a complete repeat of last years festivities.

The weather started our gray and drizzly, which kept us debating if we should even head out or not. Finally, I said... what better weather to enjoy a 'Maratime' activity then in a heavy drizzly gray morning. I think the weather added to the event and the captured moments of pirates crossing our path. It kept the morning particularly interesting and dreary - a great northwest morning!

We enjoyed the docks and boat tours, watching and cheering on the Dragon Boat races, building in the sand next to a real sand sculpture artist and many other sites and sounds. Afterwards we headed over to Freighthouse Square for a nice family lunch together - a fun place because we all tend to choose a variety of foods and share... a nice way to dine!

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