Monday, August 24, 2009

Staircase Camping... Annual camping trip

Each summer for the past several summers we have headed out on a five day camping trip with friends and family! The group sometimes changes but the fun stays the same. This year we headed up to a family favorite, Staircase in the Olympic National Park. I grew up camping here and have several fond memories from this park. It rarely changes... however this past winter Staircase took a pretty big blow from storm damage and there are definitely changes. The river campsites are gone, washed away. The few swim holes throughout the park are gone, either filled with sediment and debris or to changed due to massive boulders and trees being shifted. Pretty major changes... but that being said, this is still a beautiful area and it really offers a great camping time!

This year we had several kiddos with us, five kiddos between the ages of three and six. They had the most amazing time together -- playing from morning till the week hours of darkness. For the most part they were covered in dirt from head to toe the entire time but full of smiles, grand ideas and more nature time than most kids get in an entire year.
The week was also filled with great cooking. I remember a day when our camping weekends were filled with deli sandwiches and hot dogs. However, now that the men have discovered the joys of dutch oven cooking - we are pretty gourmet for the most part. We all seemed to share in the meals as you just had to try out what the others were having. My favorite by far was the chicken and cream cheese rolls created by our friends... we will be having those for dinner again one night this week!
There were some basic hikes taken, massive hard hike taken by the guys, water play galore and games to be enjoyed - we have all mastered the old time game of Canasta. Overall it was a wonderful weekend and I am really looking forward to next years adventure!
Thanks for the memories everyone....

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