Monday, October 5, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch

Sunday we enjoyed a wonderful day at our local pumpkin patch, Maris Farms! The weather was sunny and cool - a perfect Fall day. We had Grandpa Hawk, Grandma Annette, Kristina and Sarah join us too.

Holly was beyond thrilled to get a start in the kids zone enjoying the corn pit. She loves the sea of corn to romp in, bury herself in and use the little scoops in. This year though it was dusty... really, really dusty. She came out completely covered in a film of white corn dust. Her black socks looked like a creamy color, her dark blue jeans were super light blue... it was kind of blech. But, she had fun and that is what counts, right?

Yes, those were black... as in *new* black socks. LOL!

We also enjoyed the water pump duck race, feeding the goats on the ramp, watching the little pig races, the bouncy pillow and the super slides. We even spent a good amount of time in the huge corn maze... but I think we made record time this year with Holly as our 'leader'. Honestly, she did a pretty good job.
And, we had to cap the day off with choosing the perfect pumpkin. A good day!

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