Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pregnancy Update

Thought I'd write a bit on the pregnancy... all is going really well! I am now 23 1/2 weeks along and in my sixth month. It has really flown by, and I mean really flown by.

I am a lot more tired this time around and I am sure it because our activity level is higher this time around, nothing more. All of my appointments have gone really well, the baby is growing well and I am feeling pretty good. For those wondering - no we are not finding out what we are having much to many people's dismay. But, we are excited to hear the announcement in the delivery room.

For the time being we had an ultra sound yesterday and saw the sweetness that lies within. The baby is now measuring one and a half pounds and doing good. I can feel some good little kicks now, a ton of movement and am learning the perkier parts of their day vs the quieter parts. Holly has had a lot of fun feeling for kicks, she is getting very excited for sure.

We are beginning to work on the babies room - prepping for some lighting work, touch ups and then a good paint job - then we can begin setting things up some. Our hope is to have a majority of the work done prior to the holidays so that we are just ready when the holidays simmer down... then we can just focus on the few little things and enjoying those final days with Holly before the new addition. When we start making some changes to the room I'll post some photos.

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