Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Bather

Hudson has not been a fan of baths... at all, ever!

Typically he screams till he can scream no more, turns bright red and is simply angry at me for the horrible thing I am doing to him.... bathing him. Which in turn makes me dread bath time for him. We have tried three different bathing tubs and slings, no tub or sling, with Holly, without Holly and on & on. No luck for happiness.

Until last night.
Last night we used a bathing seat that our friends shared with us. I was skeptical since nothing had seemed to be working. But, I filled the tub with a bit of water, bubbles and toys. Got Hudson all ready. Showed him the tub, splashed my little hand a bit, talked softly and then gently tucked him into the chair - waiting for the scream. He tightened up at first and then he slowly loosened up and before I know it he was leaning over checking out the water. His little hand was fiddling in the water and then he went for a toy. Before I know it, he is busting out with belly laughs while Holly entertained him with splashing little toys in the water. He had a 20 minute bath versus a 3-5 minute quick wash down. It was nice!
Here we are at the beginning... not so sure as you can see. And, this was a minute or two after being in the tub. Then he calmed down and relaxed himself.Relaxed a bit and checking out the water... looking at the toys.

Hudson... the bubble boy!

Okay... I can do this!

Holly & Hudson... he is enjoying her company.

Watching Holly to see what she has to say about this.Laughing with Holly!

Finally... I have a happy bather!!! I am thrilled, beyond thrilled. I was worried I had a child who would hate water (if that is even possible). However, I am hopeful that maybe we found the right thing to enjoy the water with and bathing will no longer be a dreaded chore.

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