Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July Tie Dye

The day before the 4th of July we got together with some family and friends and did a really fun project of tie dying shirts for the 4th of July!!! I had done this one time as a kid, that I remember - and just cannot remember it being this fun or cool. I enjoyed it so much I want to do this again.
We started off with dampening and tie up the shirts depending on the design you were desiring. None of us really knew what to expect, but they all turned out amazing with our random tie patterns. Then you dipped them in prepared dye.
We did a shirt for Holly and Hudson for the 4th of July and then I grabbed a couple of dingy items from Holly's closet and created a new life for them as well as a cloth for play for the kids. I will definitely be doing more play fabrics for the kids, they are so fun!
We put the wet dyed shirts into bags over night for the dye to set. Then we rinsed them out and hung them to dry. Here are our final pieces... I am in love with them! What a really fun project!!!
Oh... and we made fun 4th of July cupcakes for dessert! Red, white & blue - so cool!

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