Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Leavenworth: Part Three

The river.

We found the best spot along the river in town that offered up a great beach, sand, shallow wading water, great swimming hole, sun and shade.... honestly, a perfect spot! Many hours were spent there too! The first day we stumbled upon it while out for a walk. We could see it from up above so we headed down to the trail below to check it out. At first we let Holly get her toes wet and then, well -- she went for it. Soaking wet, no swim suit -- just her clothes. As did Bryan. Afterwards we headed out for chow - wet clothes and all. Holly was worried she would be cold, but soon realized that her damp clothing made the heat much more comfortable.
The next day we all headed back down to the river, this time better prepared. With swim suits and towels in hand the water was enjoyed by all. Holly spent the entire time playing the sand with the other kids on the beach, venturing out a bit deeper on her own and swimming with Daddy and Uncle Don in the swim hole. Bryan and Don experienced something pretty cool, paddle boarding. Bryan has been wanting to try this out and was interested in the sport - so the timing to try it out was perfect! There was a local guy who owns an outdoor sport store in town down at the river offering up the use of his paddle boards. They got a quick lesson and out they went. They both really enjoyed it too! I was really bummed that I had not brought my suit down as I really want to try paddle boarding out as well. Someday soon I hope!

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