Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eagle Island

Sunday Bryan and I enjoyed a bit of 'us' time and hit the water in our kayaks to head over to Eagle Island, while Holly and Grandpa Hawk stayed back on the beach to explore, fish, build sand castles and just hang out. The weather was amazing and the tides were low making for great sea life, a reef filled with seals galore and an easy trip. It was a nice morning trip, one we'll do again soon.

Bryan did a good job of planning out the tides for our trip, taking the easiest direction. It was pretty exciting to see the reef filled with seals. We had read about it, but seeing it was just spectacular. We kept our distance as required, hence why I don't have any great shots... that and I don't take my nice camera in the boats just our old point and shoot. But it was cool. You could hear the barks and growls fill the air, the splash as they embarked into the water and the gurgles of their tales as they dipped back under from a close visit. The seals follow you every where.

At first it is neat, then you start to realize there are tons of them around you. They pop out of the water just a bit closer and closer until you feel a bit creeped out ~ at least I did, Bryan not so much. At one point I think we had upwards of about 30 of them checking us out with more approaching. I think I got nervous once I saw a couple of them fighting in the water, there full bodies were out of water in mid air causing a stir, growling, barking and spashing like crazy. They are not small that is for sure. Cuter than anything, but not small. I still enjoyed their company though, made the trip all that more wonderful!

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