Thursday, May 21, 2009

We Have Frog Legs

In Holly's little exploration garden we have put in a small frog bog. Just a mucky like little pond with water plants, dirt, rocks, snails, tadpoles, sticks, grasses, etc. In essence we are trying to replicate a small natural pond that frogs are attracted to.... and kids are attracted to as well! The little critters are doing well and seems very happy in their new home. We check them out daily to make sure they are good, feed them some boiled down bits of lettuce once in a blue moon to ensure they are eating, take count of how many critters we have and look for snail trails. It is a fun daily stop during our day.

Well, yesterday we spotted a tadpole who has already developed their back legs! We have frog legs! Holly was beyond excited and thrilled that her little critters are growing and changing. We are all excited! We will be really keeping an eye on them now to see how they all change, grow and pick their new homes. I am beyond thrilled we decided to include this little frog bog in her garden as it has been such a treat and a wonderful educational opportunity for us all!

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