Monday, May 4, 2009

Holly's Little Corner

Well, this was a big weekend -- Bryan and Grandpa Hawk finished the exterior of the playhouse... and it is amazing! I still sit and look at it and just feel wonderfully proud of the incredible job that was done on Holly's playhouse and garden, it is a site to be seen! Everyone worked so hard to make this an amazing little corner for Holly to enjoy and grow up with. We still have some interior bits to accomplish like her little kitchen counter, my curtains and the floor being painted (but that might wait till after her party).

It is just beautiful!


linda said...

What a great playhouse.. I really love the plants on the roof, what a great idea

Ariana said...

I don't know that it's even necessary to say how cool that is and how nice it turned out because I feel like I'd be telling you the sky is blue. lol

It's gorgeous and I wish I had one! I mean, seriously, from start to finish this was just amazing to watch unfold!