Thursday, May 21, 2009

On the Farm

Today we visited Old McDebbie's Farm and Jim's Ufish pond with some friends. Holly had a great time! We started our morning out with an up close visit of some various farm animals, feeding them and petting them. Holly was in love with the baby goats... well, so was I! (Bryan, can we get one? Pleeaase! I kid, I kid!) One goat even ventured out of his pen and helped himself to the food dispenser, it was hilarious. Holly put in her quarter, the food came out and just as she was getting it into her hand up pops a goat and he begins to slurp it all up.
After the animals we did their little eye-spy trail which was fun for the kids. Each child had their own little card with everything they were to find, it became a challenge as to who could find the items first. For us moms though, it became a muddy mess. I suppose we should have all been alerted when the name of the trail was 'Mucky Moose', but no... we paid no mind. Well, let me just share - it was mucky, very mucky! And, since the weather is sunny and 70 most of us were in sandals or flip flops... not a good combination for the Mucky Moose trail. *sigh* Yes, my flip flop became stuck in the muck - very similar to the children's book 'Stuck Duck'. My mucked flip flop stayed behind as the rest of me continued... offering up one mucky foot. Thanks for rescuing the lone flip flop Jennifer!
Anyhow, after our trail and lunch the kids were off to enjoy a few laps of pony rides. The owners are wonderful. They let you take the ponies at your own will, guide them around with your child and just take your time. Holly really enjoyed the pony ride - it made her day she said!
Our day was finished with some preschoolers fishing... I am sure this puts a great image in your head. Pretty much how you imagined it to be, is how it was. Lot's of hurrying, scurrying, squeals, 'I can do it', 'Ick', netting, almost falling in, netting again, oops a wet foot now... the list goes on. It was fun though, a great memory for the adults at least! Holly caught a trout, reeled it in and refused to touch it. I coached her to just try it once, that was enough. She did great though and had fun! She even helped net her friends fish for her. Holly carried her bucket proudly to the cleaning station after her and friend compared fish... we now have a trout in the fridge. We'll how she likes it for dinner.
Over all... a very fun day!


Lizz said...

She doesn't look thrilled to be on the pony! LOL
Such a cutie, and the farm looks like a great time! TFS!

Christy said...

What a fun day!! I remember when my girls were younger and we would do things like this - it was always so much fun!

aboysmommy said...

love the pictures! Especially the one finger fish touch one. LOL She's braver than I am.

Myrthe said...

Great pictures! It looks like a lovely day!
Have a fun weekend!

linda said...

Great pictures, looks like a great day